Quit Your Job, Sis

Showing Up as Your Authentic Self w/ Personal Brand Strategist Jen Campbell

August 29, 2022 Lindsay Hanson / Jen Campbell Episode 131
Quit Your Job, Sis
Showing Up as Your Authentic Self w/ Personal Brand Strategist Jen Campbell
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When it comes to branding, most aspiring entrepreneurs think of colors or logos. But your personal brand is so much more than that. It's all about the mix of who you are, what you do, and how you do it. When you have the appropriate blend of these three elements, not only will it assist you in attracting your ideal clients and consumers; but you'll also be able to shine as your most genuine self.

And that's something that today's guest, Jen Campbell, a personal brand strategist, knows a thing or two about. Jen works with entrepreneurs to help them get clear on their values, message, and audience so they can show up as their authentic selves online. She shares her personal story of how she got over being “cringey”, what she wished she knew when she started her business, and how to avoid the comparison game on social media.

Jen also walks us through how she helps her clients get clear on their branding identity and offers some tips on how we can all show up more authentically online. If you're curious about personal branding and want to learn how to show up as your most true self, then this episode is for you!

Join us as we discuss:

(1) What personal branding is, and what is isn't

(2) How personal branding can help you attract your ideal customers

(3) The importance of authenticity in branding

(4) How Jen embraces being the cringey mom and shows up confidently online

(5) Why personal branding is necessary for online entrepreneurs

(6) The best ways to use social media to build your brand

(7) The 3 biggest personal branding mistakes entrepreneurs make

(8) Jen's biggest piece of advice for women wanting to make the leap into entrepreneurship!


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Website: https://jencampbell.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jencampbellteaches

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Jenn’s background and how she got started in her business
How she niched down to personal branding
Why you need to show up authentically online for your business
How social media has influenced the different ways we can connect to others
What is personal branding?
Why personal branding is important for online business owners
How showing up authentically online can transform your business results
How to build an effective and authentic personal brand
How Jen deals with negative comments online
The 3 biggest personal branding mistakes new business owners make
Biggest piece of advice for those who want to the the leap into entrepreneurship