Quit Your Job, Sis

Entrepreneurship: A Career Path for Those With Chronic Health Issues w/ Lifestyle + Business Coach Simone Giangiordano

June 27, 2022 Lindsay Hanson / Simone Giangiordano Episode 121
Quit Your Job, Sis
Entrepreneurship: A Career Path for Those With Chronic Health Issues w/ Lifestyle + Business Coach Simone Giangiordano
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Do you struggle with chronic health challenges and feel that your job is harmful to your health? Are you concerned about how to maintain your health and still run a business? Is it even possible to have both at the same time? In this episode, I speak with Simone Giangiordano about how she was able to do it. We discuss the importance of prioritizing your health, setting boundaries, and building a dream team to help support you in your business.

Simone is a business coach for entrepreneurs who want to create a thriving business without sacrificing their health and wellbeing. She is the founder of BalanceUp, a company that helps entrepreneurs build a foundation for success by addressing the essential seven key areas of life: mindset, energy, healthy lifestyle, relationships, finances, business strategy, and time management.

Simone shares her own journey of burnout and how she overcame it by implementing the techniques she now teaches her clients. She also talks about the importance of building a support network and creating a plan for your business to help you scale.

Whether you're a 9-5er or an entrepreneur struggling to balance your health and career, this episode is for you!

Join us as we discuss:

(1) How to create a business that supports your health and wellbeing

(2) The importance of having a clear strategy and focus when it comes to your business

(3) How to create a work/life balance that works for you

(4) Why it's okay to take time for yourself and how doing so can actually help your business

(5) How to manage time and energy for maximum productivity and success

(6) The power of "I can" when it comes to overcoming limitations

(7) How to build a dream team that will support your business goals

(8) Simone's advice for entrepreneurs who are struggling to maintain their health and well-being while growing their business

Connect with Simone
Website: https://www.simoneg.net/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/simonegbalanceup/
Build Your Own Dream Team: http://balanceupyourdreamteam.com/

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How Simone realized that she wanted to quit her corporate job and knew she needed something different in her life
How entrepreneurship can be rewarding for those with chronic health issues
Why Simone took a year off from her business, and what it was like to return to entrepreneurship
What things you need to focus on to help grow your business as an entrepreneur
Simone’s advice for those who are unsure about quitting their job because of health insurance
Where you can get in touch with a health insurance broker to find the best healthcare options for you as an entrepreneur
Simone’s biggest piece of advice for someone who’s worried that their health challenges will hinder their success as a business owner
Simone talks about her program BalanceUp and how she helps clients work on their inner balance