Quit Your Job, Sis

From Corporate Lawyer to Full-Time Entrepreneur | Strategic Web Design & Non-Salesy Copywriting w/ Jennifer Westbrook from JenWestWriting

August 15, 2022 Lindsay Hanson / Jennifer Westbrook Episode 129
Quit Your Job, Sis
From Corporate Lawyer to Full-Time Entrepreneur | Strategic Web Design & Non-Salesy Copywriting w/ Jennifer Westbrook from JenWestWriting
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Afraid you don’t have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? For Jennifer Westbrook, it took a few tries – and a lot of courage – before she finally went all in on her business. Now, as a Christian copywriter and web design strategist, she helps other women in business simplify their online presence so they can attract their ideal clients.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Jennifer about her journey from being a lawyer in corporate America to a successful entrepreneur, how she helps her clients simplify their online presence, and how she's been able to attract her ideal clients through consistent content marketing. She also shares tips on how you can write copy that sells and design a simple, strategic website that will have the right people knocking at your door.

So whether you're thinking about starting a business or are in the early stages of building your empire, this episode is for you!

Join us as we discuss:

(1) How to get clear on what your target market wants and needs from you

(2) Why you don't need a lot of money or experience to get started on your business

(3) Why you need to speak the language of your target market to connect with them

(4) The importance of taking action and course correcting as you go in entrepreneurship

(5) The biggest mistakes Jennifer sees people making with their websites & copywriting

(6) How to build a simple, strategic website that works

(7) What you should focus on as a new entrepreneur to get your business off the ground

(8) Copywriting tips for creating web pages that convert

(9) Jennifer's biggest piece of advice for women who want to make the leap into entrepreneurship

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Meet Jennifer and how she went from being a corporate lawyer to a full-time entrepreneur
Tips on how you can start an online business with the skills you already have
How Jennifer niched down to copywriting and web design
Why making a transition in your corporate career to being an online entrepreneur doesn't mean you're giving up all you've worked for
The biggest challenges that keep you stuck in the beginning phases of your business
Specific areas new business owners focus on that aren't actually driving your business forward
Things to actually focus on when starting your business
Legal things you need to be aware of as an online business owner
Jennifer's top 3 copywriting tips that position yourself as the expert and convert leads into clients
Big copywriting mistakes that new entrepreneurs make
Jennifer's recommendations on when service providers should start a website
Must haves that every business owner needs on their site
How you can DIY your own website even if you aren't tech savvy
Biggest piece of advice for those wanting to make the leap from corporate America into entrepreneurship